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W A R R I O R S !

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CDR's Notes

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CDR's Notes

CPT John A. Fivian

Notes from the Commander

Greetings to every family member, soldier and friend of the 293D MP CO. We have passed the one-month mark, and are rapidly approaching the two-month point. We have completely settled in, and the soldiers have gotten use to the environment.  While I cant go into great detail about our mission, I can say that we are working on three main jobs, Access Control, Internment Operations (commonly known as the 'Facility', which is the main mission you were briefed on prior to our departure),  and a Quick Reaction Force to handle any emergency situations that should arise.


While I am certain that each of you have heard from your loved ones and friends in the 293D, I would like to pass along to each of you. The soldiers are being well taken care of, the food and living conditions are at a higher standard then most soldiers thought possible, and each day is full or challenges that we meet and conquer in the true "Warrior" spirit. At this time, we are still being told that our redeployment time is the same I briefed prior to our departure. As with all things, that could change, but if it does, please know you will be the second to know, your soldiers being the first.


With the summer months approaching back home, I know that travel plans are being made, and the school year will soon be over. I again ask that each of you keep the Rear Detachment informed of any vacations or change of address that you may encounter. The summer is rapidly gaining ground on us here in Afghanistan as well, and while summer is usually greeted with trips to the beach, here, I think it will be greeted with sun screen and dust goggles.


I want to thank each and every one of you, in the 293D Family, and our friends in the 3D MP BN for your continued support. Please know that our prayers continue for all the soldiers of the 3D MP BN forward deployed in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, those soldiers who remained at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field that fight the good fight daily keeping our families safe and secure, and each and every family member waiting patiently for our eventual return. Your soldiers are safe.

Very Respectfully,

-CPT John A. Fivian




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Last modified: May 02, 2003